JU 17 HR

The JU 17 HR is a heavy-duty, single disc machine with a speed that can be set anywhere between 150 and 280 rpm.


JU 17 HR

As varied as cleaning itself

Single disc machines are counted amongst the machinery that can be used in many versatile ways. With a simple and quick change of the accessories, you can carry out entirely different cleaning jobs. However, different working speeds are also required for the different jobs. It is therefore very difficult to choose just one machine that allows all jobs to be carried out.

For this reason, manufacturers have decided to develop so-called duo-speed machines. On these machines, you can choose between 2 different speeds. At JUMA Reinigungstechnik GmbH, we have gone one step further and have developed a machine that allows you to set the speed anywhere between 150 rpm and 280 rpm. Depending on what speed is required for the job to be carried out.
The extremely robust design of the machine also ensures a high working weight, which generates
a high application pressure. You will obtain the best cleaning results with this machine. As easy as can be!

Infinitely adjustable speed control
  • Precise adjustment of the speed to the job being carried out
  • Can be freely selected between 150 and 280 rpm
  • Suitable for gentle polishing jobs
Special coil
  • Sufficient torque is always available
High-quality materials
  • Maximum reliability
  • Extremely durable
  • Low running costs
Working width brush: 430 mm (17 inches)
Working width Pad: 400 mm
Working height (regular brush): 320 mm
Ground clearance: 120 mm
Power supply: ~1 / 230 V / 50Hz
Rated output brush motor: 1.750 Watt
Speed: 150-280 1/min
Noise level: 65 ± 2 dB (A)
Weight: 54 kg
Brush application pressure: 0,54 N/cm²
Mains connection cable: 20 m