• Use of the highest quality materials

  • Products handcrafted with loving care

  • Experience in the field of cleaning machines since 2002

  • Manufactured, assembled and tested in Germany

Why you should choose a JUMA product

  1. Security promise

    With a JUMA product, you can rest assured that you own a high-quality, user-friendly and efficient product.

  2. Convenience

    Want to save time and achieve an outstanding cleaning result? Then choose our professional cleaning machines. They guarantee the best cleaning results in a short amount of time. Day after day.

  3. Exclusive experience

    Have you had any contact with JUMA products in the past?

    If not, get in touch today for a demonstration and experience our products for yourself. You’ll be surprised.

  4. Satisfied customers

    It’s not only you, but also your customers that will benefit from using JUMA products, as they are exceptionally gentle on surfaces.

  5. Increase in efficiency

    Thanks to the continuous use of high-quality materials and our many years of experience as a manufacturer of cleaning machines, JUMA products guarantee constantly low running costs and can maximise your profits as a result.