Travelator and escalator cleaning

STEP 150

The STEP 150 is the upgraded version to the STEP 110. With its Touch Display it is possible to clean escalators more efficient than ever before.

STEP 110

The STEP 110 our new automatic wet cleaning machine that cleans the steps and risers of escalator steps at the same time.


Formula 1. The turbo automatic wet-cleaning machine for travelators and escalators made by all manufacturers. Clean right to the edges and efficiently with the TRAVEL 600.

Rotomac 360

Unlike conventional cleaning methods, you clean the treads and risers of the steps quickly, reliably, easily and extremely thoroughly using the Rotomac.

Escalator cleaning with JUMA Reinigungstechnik automatic wet-cleaning machines

The first impression counts and, as is well known, nothing can make up for it. The same is also true of your building. Here, the escalators that have been incorporated into the architecture often catch our eye immediately.
Whilst the floors and the like are cleaned at regular intervals, the escalators usually do not enjoy this luxury. Subconsciously, it is precisely these that contribute substantially to the well-being of customers and visitors.

However, regularly cleaning escalators offers even more advantages. By cleaning escalators regularly, expensive repairs that are caused by dirt can be avoided, for example. Furthermore, the built-in escalator retains its value.

Escalators are difficult to clean, as all sorts of dirt and debris, such as oils, grease and dust etc. can build up in the grooves of the steps. These impurities must be removed quickly and efficiently, without damaging the escalator. Now, with over 15 years of experience in the field of escalator cleaning, this is something that the automatic escalator cleaning machines from JUMA Reinigungstechnik GmbH are able to do. Through our experience and the aim to always be one step ahead, we have further developed our automatic cleaning machines little by little. Since 2002, this has meant that the cleaning time for maintenance cleaning (including the risers) could be reduced by 62.5%, for example.

The automatic escalator cleaning machines from JUMA Reinigungstechnik GmbH clean escalators in their installed state. This prevents the need to remove the steps, which is time-consuming and costly. In addition, the escalators can be put back into operation immediately after cleaning. There is no additional downtime of the escalator that forces your customers and visitors to resort to using alternative methods of reaching other floors.

It goes without saying that process safety is the top priority for our automatic escalator cleaning machines. This means that neither the controls, nor the bearings or chains inside the escalator are damaged or suffer as a result of cleaning using our automatic machines.

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