Rotomac 360

Unlike conventional cleaning methods, you clean the treads and risers of the steps quickly, reliably, easily and extremely thoroughly using the Rotomac.

Rotomac 360 – Clean steps and risers in one work step

The Rotomac 360 is the world’s only compact automatic wet cleaning machine which cleans steps and risers in one operation without having to operate the escalator control!

It cleans travelators horizontally and vertically – simultaneously! Step by step – escalator by escalator! Unlike conventional cleaning methods (arduous cleaning by hand), the Rotomac 360 cleans the complete, visible step area quickly, reliably, easily, very thoroughly and without residue.

The Rotomac 360 impresses with a high level of user-friendliness (pre-set cleaning processes) and can be transported to the place of use and operated there by one person alone.

See for yourself: Extremely easy operation and optimum cleaning result!


The Rotomac 360 – the innovative cleaning machine for escalators – is a quality product “Made in Germany”.

11 revolving brushes
  • Wet cleaning of all the visible surfaces of the steps
  • Cleaning is carried out on the steps in their installed state. This means that the escalator can be used again immediately
  • Cleans both the risers and tread areas in a single operation
Adjustment to step heights
  • Can be used on escalators made by all manufacturers
Fixed cleaning programmes
  • Efficient use of cleaning chemicals and water
  • High level of user-friendliness
High-quality materials
  • Guaranteed durability
  • Low running costs
  • Can be used immediately
Working width: 520 mm
Step height min.: 185 mm
Step height max.: 235 mm
Basic cleaning per step: 30 s (2x)
Maintenance cleaning per step: 45 s (2x)
Intensice cleaning per step: 60 s (2x)
Extraction air quantity max.: 162 m³ / h
Underpressure: 300 mbar
Type of current / Frequency: 50 – 60 Hz
Power supply: 110 V / 230 V
Rated input power: 1.900 W
Brush motor: 750 W
Suction motor: 1.500 W
Spindle drive 2×180 W
Pump: 40 W
Fresh water tank: 15 l
Dirty water tank: 15 l
Dimensions (L x W x H): 1350 x 536 x 1250 mm
Weight: 170 kg
Number of brushes: 11
Noise level: 78 ± 2 dB (A)