When you have to make the decision of owning the STEP 150 or the STEP 110 you need to know the following things:   Brushes Brushes are the contact medium from machine to the step of the escalator. That is why they are really important especially when it comes to clean really dirty escalators. In […]

First of all, you need to know that it takes a little experience to be able to calculate the cleaning time precise. You will get used to this with time. Nevertheless, we wanted to give you an idea of how fast it is possible. For more information about the TRAVEL 600 please click here.   […]

From now on the STEP 100 escalator cleaning machine is replaced by the STEP 110 and STEP 150. Both models have the new brushsystem that helps to reduce cleaning time. The brushsystem is attached to the new carrier rail. That increases the number of brushes from 15 to 18. Especially with the STEP 150 this […]

Dear Sir or Madame, like in  the last years we are going to make a short brake for the end of the year. We start our brake on the 21.12.2018 and return on the 07.01.2019. We wish you and your families a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.   Best Regards from the JUMA […]