01Apr 2019

From now on the STEP 100 escalator cleaning machine is replaced by the STEP 110 and STEP 150. Both models have the new brushsystem that helps to reduce cleaning time. The brushsystem is attached to the new carrier rail. That increases the number of brushes from 15 to 18. Especially with the STEP 150 this […]

03Dec 2018

Dear Sir or Madame, like in  the last years we are going to make a short brake for the end of the year. We start our brake on the 21.12.2018 and return on the 07.01.2019. We wish you and your families a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.   Best Regards from the JUMA […]

03Jul 2018

This year we are going to have a short summer brake. You cannot contact us from the 20.08.2018 until the 03.09.2018. We hope that you will have will have some ralaxing days as well.   Best Regards your JUMA-Team

03Aug 2017

Millions of people worldwide use them every day. In many buildings the are set as a highlight. And they take a lot of visable space in buildings. It is about escalators and travelators. Like floor cleaning the escalator cleaning is essential to keep escalators look good and protect them from a higher wear. If you […]

11Jul 2017

The CMS Berlin 2017 will start on the 19.09.2017 and ends on the 22.09.2017. Like 2 years before the exhibition for cleaning, management and service will bring several people to the exhibition halls. As one of the 377 exhibitors, we will be as well a part of the show. We will show our improved products, […]

01Jul 2017

Like in the last year we allow ourselves a short summer break. We are out of the office from 21.08.2017 until the 03.09.2017 we wish you relaxing and sunny days. Best regards your JUMA-Team