If you do not have a lot of time and the job has to be done the TRAVEL 600 will help you to solve this problem – as long as it has to do with escalator / travelator cleaning. Thanks to the way the machine is designed you do not have to adjust anything when you come to a new escalator. All you have to do is fill in water and chemicals and make sure that the dirty water tank is empty. Then you can start to clean.

If you are at a location where you have a upper and a lower side you should choose the lower end to use the machine. Make sure that the steps are coming against you. This is the safest way to use the TRAVEL 600.

The usage of the machine is quite easy. All you have to do is to position the machine in front of the escalator or travelator. Then you should activate the brakes. Once you did this you turn the key for power and press the START button. Then you will hear that the vacuum motor will start. Also, the machines brush unit will lower itself to get in contact with the steps. Please make sure that the brush unit sits completely on the escalator. It is also important to make sure that the wheels that are attached to the machines chassis sit on the not moving part of the escalator. Only on this way you are able to use the machine as efficient as possible.

The TRAVEL 600 has 3 different cleaning programs. The difference between the 3 programs is the amount of water that is sprayed on the escalator / travelator per minute. In more than 80% of all cases program 1 is the correct program for you. Program 2 is used when the escalators speed is more than 0,7 m/s with an average amount of dirt. If this type of escalator / travelator (the fast moving one) is very dirty you can use Program 3.

A very important part when it comes to clean escalators / travelators with the TRAVEL 600 is the fact that it is not designed to clean without water. If you are going to clean dry the vacuum motor will be destroyed. With that in mind just make sure that you are using water to clean escalators.

The TRAVEL 600 is also equipped with safety features. These features protect both the machine as well as the escalator. And here is what they do:


Pressure sensor: This sensor checks if there is still water in the fresh water tank. As we have learned the machine will be damaged when you do not use the water

Under pressure sensor: The under pressure sensor controls the amount of under pressure. If the vacuum motor will be damaged or anything else is going to happen so that the machine cannot remove all of the water off the escalator / travelator the machine will notice it and stop to clean immediately.

Additional fuse for suction rollers: The machine uses suction rollers that increase the airspeed and therefor makes more under pressure. When something sticks inside these rollers or blocks the rollers a fuse will come out and stop the cleaning process. This also makes sure that no water comes inside the escalator / travelator

The sensors are connected to a signal. That means that you are going to be informed in case one of the sensors is going to be activated.

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Video TRAVEL 600: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FQV9ZgHu6w4