Floor cleaning

JU 17 S

The JU 17 S is the original replica of the Sorma A 17 SL. Thanks to its high weight and robust design, it is suitable for virtually any cleaning job.

JU 13

The JU 13 is the perfect companion for confined areas with obstructions. Due to its minimal ground clearance, you can even clean underneath radiators or desks.

JUMA single disc machines

Areas of use

Equipped with the appropriate accessories, the JUMA single disc machines clean the majority of wet, sticky and dried-on dirt and debris, such as:

  • Oils
  • Grease
  • Dirt from the streets
  • Drink stains
  • Dried-on food
  • And much more

Thanks to the design which has been perfected over the years, the JUMA single disc machines offer the utmost reliability and low operating costs.

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