JU 17 S

The JU 17 S is the original replica of the Sorma A 17 SL. Thanks to its high weight and robust design, it is suitable for virtually any cleaning job.


Single disc machine – JU 17 S

Versatile applications

By using the appropriate accessories, the machine is suitable for:

  • Wet scrubbing and removal of coatings
  • Polishing and restoration of coatings
  • Shampooing of carpets
  • Abschleifen oder Aufrauhen von Böden
  • Grinding or roughening of floors
  • Restoration of marble floors

Equipped with the appropriate accessories, the machine removes the majority of wet, sticky and dried-on dirt and debris, such as oils, grease, dirt from the streets, drink stains, dried-on food and much more. Heel marks, walkways and other coating imperfections can be restored. The JU 17 S is ideally suited to deep cleans and end-of-construction cleaning jobs. Wood, parquet, screed and concrete floors can be ground down prior to any restoration work.

Quality that lasts. The design which has been perfected over many years offers the utmost reliability and low operating costs over the entire lifetime. The JU 17 can be used with little effort thanks to the good balance of the machine. With its high weight, the machine is suitable both for simple cleaning tasks and heavy-duty jobs involving the removal of coatings in industrial and commercial areas. The discharge of the cleaning liquid through the centre of the brush reduces liquid consumption during wet scrubbing jobs. By working right to the edges and having a minimal ground clearance, cleanliness is also ensured in places that are difficult to reach, such as under desks, radiators and so on. The long special cord provides the cleaner with a working radius of 20 m, without having to change sockets.


Tried and tested design
  • Perfected technology, as this machine is identical in design to the Sorma A 17
  • Due to the identical design, the components are compatible with the Sorma single disc machines
Special coil
  • Sufficient torque is always available
High-quality materials
  • HMaximum reliability
  • Extremely durable
  • Low running costs
Working width brush: 430 mm (17 inches)
Working width Pad: 400 mm
Working height (regular brush): 320 mm
Ground clearance: 120 mm
Power supply: ~1 / 230 V / 50Hz
Rated output brush motor: 850 Watt
Speed: 140 1/min
Noise level: 65 ± 2 dB (A)
Weight: 52 kg
Brush application pressure: 0,54 N/cm²
Mains connection cable: 20 m