JU 13

The JU 13 is the perfect companion for confined areas with obstructions. Due to its minimal ground clearance, you can even clean underneath radiators or desks.


Single disc machine – JU 13

A Variety of cleaning tasks

The use of different brushes or pads makes the compactly built machine suitable for:

  • Polishing hard and resilient floor coverings
  • Restoration of coatings
  • Shampooing carpets
  • Wet scrubbing floors
  • Removal of coatings


All kinds of soiling

The universal JU 13, equipped with the corresponding accessories, removes all kinds of wet, sticky and solid soiling such as oils, grease, street dirt, drink stains, dried food, etc. Furthermore, heel marks, walkways and other coating damage on flexible flooring can be renovated.

Durable quality

The technical design, matured over many years, offers extreme reliability and low operating costs over the entire life span. Pleasantly quiet, the well-balanced machine allows for long, low-stress cleaning operations. The compact design, combined with a working width of 33 cm (13 inches), qualifies the JU 13 for scrubbing or polishing in tight areas. Due to the low height of the machine body, even cleaning under desks or radiators is possible. The long cord allows a working radius of 20 m without plugging and unplugging.

Tried and tested design
  • Perfected technology, as this machine is identical in design to the Sorma A 13
  • Due to the identical design, the components are compatible with the Sorma single disc machines
Special coil
  • Sufficient torque is always available
High-quality materials
  • Maximum reliability
  • Extremely durable
  • Low running costs
Working width brush: 330 mm (13 inches)
Working height (regular brush): 250 mm
Ground clearance: 110 mm
Power supply: ~1 / 230 V / 50Hz
Rated output brush motor: 400 Watt
Speed: 190 1/min
Noise level: 55 ± 2 dB (A)
Weight: 25 kg
Brush application pressure: 0,54 N/cm²
Main connection cable: 20 m