First of all, you need to know that it takes a little experience to be able to calculate the cleaning time precise. You will get used to this with time. Nevertheless, we wanted to give you an idea of how fast it is possible.

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You need to know the following things:

We made an Excel document that should support you by getting an idea of how long it takes to clean one escalator / travelator. To work quite effective with this document we are going to explain the important points that you have to type in.

Time of the escalator / travelator circulation

The TRAVEL 600 is used while the escalators / travelators are moving. That is why you need to know how long the escalator / travelator takes for one complete cycle. To get this number you have to mark a step and measure the time that it takes. As an alternative you can also mark the handrail. But please make sure that eighter way the mark has to be removed. The measured time in seconds is what you need for the calculation.

How many circulations are required

This is mainly the point – like we have described above – where you need to have the experience. In our tests we came to the following results

    • Light pollution            3 circulations
    • Medium pollution  4-5 circulations
    • Hard pollution        6-8 circulations

Width of the escalators / travelators

The width of the escalators / travelators decides how often you have to shift the machine. The working width of the TRAVEL 600 is 2 x 220 mm. The machine has 4 brushes in total. They are contra rotating. In-between these brush pairs sit the machines transmission. That is why we have the 2 x 220 mm working width.
The most common widths of escalators / travelators are 800 mm and 1.000 mm. But there are many more. Below you get the information of what you have to insert in the excel document for the appropriate width:

    • 600 mm breite:    2
    • 800 mm breite:    3
    • 1.000 mm breite: 4
    • 1.100 mm breite: 4
    • 1.200 mm breite: 5
    • 1.400 mm breite: 6
    • 1.600 mm breite: 7

How long does it take to refill the fresh water tank and empty the dirty water tank?

This can be different from building to building. In case you do not want to have this time in your calculation you can just put the value to 0.

Amount of cleaning chemicals

The excel document will also show you how much cleaning chemical you will use per escalator / travelator. Therefor you have to insert the amount of chemicals that you have to put in the 15-liter fresh water tank. With our cleaning chemical JUMAScal you have to use – depending on the pollution – 150 ml to 300 ml.


If you are interested in receiving the excel document please get in contact with

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