When you have to make the decision of owning the STEP 150 or the STEP 110 you need to know the following things:


  1. Brushes

Brushes are the contact medium from machine to the step of the escalator. That is why they are really important especially when it comes to clean really dirty escalators. In order not to compromise here, both of the models – STEP 150 and STEP 110 – are equipped with our latest brush technology. This contains new brushes with a higher number of bristles inside the brush. In addition, we have the new brush holder rail. Thanks to its shape the brushes put more pressure on the steps of the escalator. Compared to the Rotomac or STEP 100 brush system you get better results in the same time.

Another benefit of this brush holder is that you are able to clean deeper in the gap between the steps.


  1. Working width

    The working width for the STEP 150 and STEP 110 are identical. They have a working width of 520 mm.

Escalators nowadays have 3 different widths. The smallest on is 600 mm wide. The next step width is 800 mm while the biggest escalators have a width of 1.000 mm. In addition some of the escalators have brushes on the sides to prevent that cloths or something like that stuck inbetween the steps and the aluminum parts. These brushes reduce the width of escalators as well. These brushes are actually the reason why we choose the 520 mm working width. With that in mind there are only some escalators that can be cleaned in 1 cycle. For almost every escalator you have to shift the machine from one to the other side.


  1. Height adjustment

Also the height adjustment for the escalators are the same. That means that both of the models are able to clean steps that have a height of 185 mm to 235 mm.


  1. User Interface

Here we have 2 different interfaces. The STEP 110 uses an analog interface. It has 7 buttons and one switch. With the buttons you can control the machine. The switch gives you the option to choose between the 3 cleaning programs. The options you can choose are 15, 27 and 39 seconds. The more dirt you have on an escalator the more time you should choose for your cleaning time.

With the STEP 150 we use a touch panel. With this panel you have more options to interact with the machine. That means that you have:

STEP 150 user interface

STEP 150 user interface

– the operation manual installed on the screen

– a picture by picture manual of how to use the machine

– a video instruction that shows you how to use the machine
– the display can show short termed solutions for upcoming problems

But the major advantage over the STEP 150? is that you can choose the cleaning time second by second. This starts at 12 seconds per cleaning cycle and goes up to 60 seconds per cleaning cycle. In addition you have the option to use 10% less or more water.


When do you have the most advantage with the STEP 150 over the STEP 110?

As you have seen the machines work similar. The big advantage is the cleaning time. When you are able to clean escalators more often in one year it is recommended to take the STEP 150 over the STEP 110. Also if you have a lot of cleaning jobs per year.

A short example will show you why.

If you have to clean the escalators in a shopping mall 3 times a year the escalators will not be that dirty after you have cleaned them for the first time. So the next times you can come and use a shorter cleaning time. Let us pretend that the 15 seconds cleaning program on the STEP 110 is not enough to clean away the dirt that is on the escalator. So you have to take program 2 which takes 27 seconds. With the STEP 150 you have tried some cleaning times starting from 15 seconds. And you found out that it is possible to remove the dirt with the 20 second adjustment.

That means that you save 7 seconds per cleaning cycle.

If we calculate the difference like in the article “How to calculate the cleaning time with the STEP 150 and STEP 110” we come to a difference of 21 min for this escalator.

Let us pretend it is a smaller shopping mall with 8 escalators installed in the building and you can clean them for 3 years. So you come to a total saving time of 1.512 min (25,2 hours).


Please note that this does not only affect the working time of the operator but also the consumable parts for the machine.


To summarize the article you can tell that the STEP 150 is better for your business if you have a lot of escalators to clean. Especially when you have several buildings where you have to clean them regularly.

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For further questions do not hesitate to contact us. It is even possible to take a look at your specific case.