The STEP 150 is the upgraded version to the STEP 110. With its Touch Display it is possible to clean escalators more efficient than ever before.

The STEP 150 is the upgraded version to the STEP 110. With its Touch Display it is possible to clean escalators more efficient than ever before.
Touch Display

With the new Touch Display use you are able to clean escalators even faster. Therefor you can choose the cleaning time between 12 sec and 60 sec. That means that you can adjust the cleaning time second wise to the amount of dirt that is on the escalator. Compared to the other machines on the market that saves you a lot of time.


The STEP models compared to the Rotomac models are more compact. This helps when it comes to store or transport them. The dimensions inside the trolley are like that:

Length:  146,5 cm
Width:     79,6 cm
Height:  120,0 cm


Special cleaning means also special machinery. To make sure that you always know what to do we have installed manuals on the Touch Screen. You can decide if you want to read the user manual, look at our picture manual of if you want to watch a video of how to use the machine.


With the diagnosis menu it is easier for your service technician to locate a possible error.

Help menu

If the machine does not work as it should do you can check the “help menu” and see what you can do yourself to work on with the machine. Just click though the pages and check what they tell you to work on without any service.

New Brush system

Now 18 instead of 15 brushes are used to clean the steps. Combined with the new shape of the brushrail you get e better cleaning result in less time. Another positive aspect is that you are able to clean deeper in between the steps of the escalator.

Touch Display
  • Possibility to clean as efficient as never before
  • Saves time when cleaning escalators
  • Adjustment on water and chemical by ±10%
  • Manuals are installed on the panel
  • Videos of how to use the machine can be seen
  • Diagnosis page is available
  • First help page to find first problems without loosing time
20-litre tanks
  • Permit a long cleaning time
Integrated suction
  • The cleaning mixture is immediately sucked away
  • No liquid gets inside the escalator -> the escalator does not suffer any damage
  • The steps are dried by the exhaust air of the vacuum motor
18 revolving brushes
  • Faster cleaning because of more brushing in the same time (compared to 15 brushes from STEP 100)
  • Cleaning of both the tread areas and risers in a single operation
  • Different materials and lengths of brushes for removing the various forms of dirt and debris
Easy adjustment to steps
  • Can be used on escalators made by all manufacturers
Hose holder
  • Prevents the residual dirt located in the hoses from getting on the escalator or the floor
Gliding wheels
  • Easy to move the machine on the escalator
High-quality materials
  • Maximum reliability
  • Extremely durable
  • Low running costs
Use of symbols
  • Intuitive operation
  • No language barriers
  • The machine is supplied with a wide range of accessories, such as a trolley, groove rake and spanner.
Compact design
  • Thanks to its small dimensions, the machine can also be brought to the required floor using lifts
Cleaning on site
  • No downtime
  • The escalator can be used again immediately after cleaning
Working width: 520 mm
Step height min.: 185 mm
Step height max.: 235 mm
Basic cleaning per step: 12 – 24 s (2x)
Maintenance cleaning per step: 25 – 35 s (2x)
Intensice cleaning per step: 36 – 60s (2x)
Extraction air quantity max.: 162 m³ / h
Underpressure: 300 mbar
Type of current / Frequency: 50 – 60 Hz
Power supply: 110 V and 230 V Version available
Rated input power: 2300 W
Brush motor: 750 W
Suction motor: 1500 W
Spindle drive: 2×180 W
Pump: 40 W
Fresh water tank: 20 l
Dirty water tank: 20 l
Dimensions (L x W x H): 1094 x 540 x 1001 mm
Weight: 164 kg
Number of brushes: 18 + 1
Noise level: 78 ± 2 dB (A)