Millions of people worldwide use them every day. In many buildings the are set as a highlight. And they take a lot of visable space in buildings. It is about escalators and travelators. Like floor cleaning the escalator cleaning is essential to keep escalators look good and protect them from a higher wear. If you want to clean escalators there are certain possibilities to do this.

Posibilities to do escalator cleaning

The first possibility to clean the steps is to put them out of the escalators. Then you can bring them into a warehouse where the steps are washed with a high pressure cleaner. This cleaning method provides good cleaning results. The negative side is that it is very expensive and that the escalator has to be shut down for some time. This influences the flow of visitors through your building and can cost you further money.

The next way to clean the escalators is with dry ice. This also gives you good results but you should be aware of some things. That means that dry ice removes the dirt from the steps of the escalator. But you have to cover the surrounding area. The reason for that is that you just disconnect the dirt from the escalator. There is no suction that removes the dirt. When the dirt is loosen and you shot the 3 mm palets on that area the dirt flys away and take place in other locations of the area.

So the most common way of escalator cleaning is with a escalator cleaning machine. Here you can find different machine types that we are going to show you below.

Escalator cleaning with escalator cleaning machines

With escalator cleaning machines there are two ways to classify the models. There are dry cleaning machines and there are wet cleaning machines.

Escalator dry cleaning machines

Machines that clean escalators without water and chemicals are able to remove the loosen dirt on escalators. You cannot deepclean the escalator completely. The reason for that is oil and moisture that is on the escalators. Without cleaning solution you just spread oil and moisture all over the step of the escalator so that the escalator becomes slippery. In the worst case you can also scratch the surface of the steps if you just use dry brushes.

Escalator wet cleaning machines

You can also find different types of machines if you take a look at wet cleaning machines. There are machines with an active suction and machines with a passive water collection. When it comes to clean an escalator with a wet cleaning machine is important that no water will go inside the escalator. If it does it can damage the chains, bearings and electrical components of the escalators.

Travelator cleaning with the TRAVEL 600

Cleaned with TRAVEL 600

The next point where the machines different from each other is if they are a complete escalator cleaner or if they are also able to clean travelators.

Escalator / travelator cleaning machines like our TRAVEL 600 are placed in front of the escalator or travelator. While the escalator or travelator is running a cleaning head will go down on the surface and clean it. If you want more information about the TRAVEL 600 click here. When you clean escalators with such a machine type you are able to clean the horizontal part of the steps but not the vertical. That shows you that these type of machinery is more common for the travelators.

Escalator cleaning machine STEP 100

Cleaned with STEP 100

If you want to clean the steps and the risers (horizontal and vertical parts of escalators) you need a machine like the STEP 100 or the Rotomac 360. They are able to clean both parts of the steps simultaneous in one cleaning cycle. Therefore, you have to stop the escalator and work you way up the escalator. For more information about these machines click here.


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